Wondering Wednesdays – Celebrating July 4th

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Today’s questions is – How does your family celebrate July 4th?

Every year we typically have a picnic at my in-laws house. Sometimes it’ll include people from their church and sometimes it won’t. Usually my nephew will get a bunch of little fireworks (the kind that are legal in my neck of the woods) and him, my daughter and my niece will set them off. It’s just a relaxing day, eating, and being together with family.

Now this year? Well I’m not sure to be honest. There are no fireworks in our town, and I don’t think our family is going their typical picnic. So it may just be the three of us, relaxing at home, and perhaps sitting around the fire pit in the evening (weather pending of course). But that’s completing fine with me. Caitlin graduated last weekend and it seemed like we didn’t have a moment to breathe! So I very much look forward to a nice relaxing weekend, which hopefully includes some reading 🙂

What what about you? How does your family celebrate Independence Day? Share in the comments!

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1 thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – Celebrating July 4th

  1. Since July 1st is our anniversary, we usually take an anniversary trip during the 4th. Unfortunately, this year we can’t. However, any day spent with my hubby is a good day. 🙂

    When I was a kid, it meant homemade ice cream and something cooked on the grill. I figure we will do that this year and believe we are kids again. LOL

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