Wondering Wednesdays – Do You Have Any Pets?

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Today’s questions is – do you have any pets?

I do have pets! Right now, we have a dog and a cat (I know, how boring lol).

Bella is our beagle, and we’ve had her for 11 years now. She’s hyper, lovable, and doesn’t howl in case you’re wondering. Only when we ask her to speak, or she’s telling us that someone is coming up the driveway. Bella is a big part of our family – she even has her own bed in Caitlin’s room. She loves licking pretty much anything, and cuddling.

Then we have Ivy, our black cat. She’s two and full of mischief. She loves getting into pretty much everything – bookshelves, windows, trees, or even my flower garden! Ivy enjoys trying to chew on Bella’s leg like it’s a chicken leg, and even tries to eat her food every now and then. She’s always in trouble, but when she has those rare moments where she just wants to lay down and rest, she’s awfully cute!

Now, shame on me, I cannot find my pictures of them at the moment. I know they are probably on social media somewhere!? Anyways, at least you got a little glimpse of who they are!

What about you? Do you have pets? Share in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – Do You Have Any Pets?

  1. No pets at the moment. But we had a half beagle, he was so cute. We had a Springer Spaniel, she was the best! We have had cats, too. My preference. Hubby would like to get a dog.

  2. We have a 15 year old chihuahua named Snickerdoodle. He’s on insulin twice a day, very hard of hearing and can’t see well at all, but he’s still our little furbaby and the apple of our eye.

    He was named Snickerdoodle because when we got him we were still clowning. My clown name was Cook E. Lady so naturally he had to have a cookie name.

  3. How fun to read about your cat and dog! I have a cat and I have more pictures of him than anyone or anything else! 🙂

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