Wondering Wednesdays – Favorite Season

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Today’s questions is – What is your favorite season and why?

So I have to answers for this question. Literal and figurative 🙂

Let’s start with literal. If we’re talking of the four seasons (or in NY it’s basically 1 and a half lol), then it is fall for sure. I love everything about fall. The cooler weather, the beautiful leaves we have, pumpkin flavors, apple flavors, pie, Thanksgiving, sweaters, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, comfy blankets….I could go on and on. I just love fall so much!!!

Now figuratively speaking, there is only one answer that, in my professional opinion, anyone should give. Are you ready? Anyone who really knows me, knows exactly how I’m going to answer this…..

I might be the biggest Christmas fan in the world. I love absolutely everything about it. Celebrating the birth of Christ, the decorations, the music, the Hallmark movies, the baking, EVERYTHING!!!! I’m going to tell you a secret. I listen to Christmas music all year long. Yep, you heard me. Not all day every day, but now and then I’ll turn it on. It just makes me smile!!! And in case you’re wondering – there’s less than 100 days until Christmas. EEP!!

Okay, I need to stop talking about Christmas, or else I’m going to break out in song, and my family will NOT approve lol. Honestly, it’s already too late for that. I’ve been doing it a lot lately 😉

What about you? What is your favorite season and why? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – Favorite Season

  1. Although I love fall for the colors and cooler temperatures with less humidity, I love the spring. Naturally, the religious part of spring is my absolute favorite, but also it’s a sign of starting over – rebirth. Nature is starting to bloom and things are coming to life. After being inside most of the winter, it’s nice to be outside planting the garden and flowers.

  2. I like Spring the most because it’s not too warm and new things are blooming. But here in central Missouri. We seem to go from hot to cold to hot……. not much Spring or Fall. Right now it’s comfortable. We are just starting to see the leaves turn. It was hot raking the grass yesterday.

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