Wondering Wednesdays – Favorite Sports Teams

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Today’s questions is – What are your favorite sports teams?

This might just be the easiest question to answer – everything Pittsburgh!!! The only exception is College Basketball – and I will forever be a Syracuse Orange Fan 😁

What is a New Yorker doing following a Pennsylvania team? Well it just so happens that I married a guy who loves all teams Pittsburgh (for the record he is also from NY). And watching these teams over time kind of made me fall in love with them and their players, even the ones who have left (Andrew McCutchen 😩). Our family has gone to a few Pirate games, went to Steelers Fan Day (wow that was crazy!), and are itching to go to a hockey game (but the prices are kind of ridiculous). It’s fun! We’ve also been to a Syracuse basketball and football game. Can’t wait to go again!

Now, that being said, in my past I have been known to follow players, and not teams. 2 prime examples – Peyton Manning and Brett Favre are my two favorite football players that are not Steelers. Both have played on more than one team, and therefore I rooted for whatever team they were playing for. But they are retired now, so it doesn’t really count. Ha!

What about you? What sports teams do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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