Wondering Wednesdays – Looking Back on 2020

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Today’s questions is – Did you meet any goals you set for 2020?


Yep, you heard me. I did not meet any goals I set for myself in 2020.

Honestly it’s the first year in a LONG time that has ever happened to me. I could blame COVID. I could blame work. But really there is no reason for that. I myself am to blame. Yes, COVID did have a huge impact on my life – timing of things, my work load was different. But I could have prioritized better.

Want to know a secret?

Part of me wants to be mad at myself. Would it do any good? No. So instead I’ve told myself not to worry about it. To just leave it in the past, and look forward. And that’s what I plan to do. I wasn’t active on the blog at all – I allowed myself to get caught up in other things. That is going to change in 2021. I wasn’t actively reading. Again, I allowed other things to consume my time. Yep, that’s changing too.

Anyways, this isn’t a goals for 2021. Looking back, 2020 is definitely not a year I care to revisit. Even so, it’s a part of my life. Lots of amazing things still happened – my daughter graduated high school and started college. That is HUGE!!! And I’m grateful that while I didn’t meet my goals, I was blessed in so many other ways.

What about you? Do you meet any goals you set for yourself this year? Share in the comments!!

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