Wondering Wednesdays – Rural or City?

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Today’s questions is – Do you live in a rural or city setting?

I was born and raised a country girl, and that’s how it’s gonna stay! I grew up in a small community, with a creek/swimming area down the road, a back road to ride bikes on, and beautiful scenery all around. I still live in that town today, although it’s changed some.

Now I live on a busier road (wouldn’t bike on it), but my house is set way back from the road. I have a river just down the road from me, woods almost surrounding me, and even a swampy area down the other side of the road. There are fields used for hay, a rickety railroad track, and nature all around.

On any given day at my house you’ll see about 20+ different species of birds; deer; rabbits; squirrels (grey, red and flying); chipmunks; snakes (eeewwwwww); woodchucks; skunks; possum; bob cat; fox; coyotes (at night they have been seen crossing our yard to go into the woods); and even one time I saw a wolf! There is probably more out there that we haven’t seen as well. I know there’s been a bear spotted about 1/2 mile or so down the road, so I’m sure at some point he’s been to our place.

I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t even live in a village, let alone a city lol. I like having some acreage around my house, which is a nice buffer between us and the neighbors. I’ve even hung up laundry in my pjs before – don’t judge! Sure it’s a little bit of a drive to go anywhere to do something, but honestly I’m pretty content just hanging out at home.

What what about you? What setting do you live in?

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3 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – Rural or City?

  1. If you had asked hubby when we first got married, he would have told you that I would never live in the country. However, about 25 years ago, we lived in town 4 blocks from the high school, two blocks for the middle school and two blocks of Main Street and we had a murder in a couple blocks from us, a drug house across the street from us and witness a poor dog killed because he didn’t win the dog fight. I told hubby that if we could find some sucker to take our home, I was gone to the country. Very thankful that the neighbor across from us thought it would be great for her son getting out of the military because I couldn’t live with myself if some unknowing person had bought it.

    We moved 10 miles out on a small acreage and I loved it. After hubby retired and Mom went to join Dad in heaven and nothing tying us to the area, we sold out, downsized and moved to our dream destintation the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. We found 7 acres on the outskirts of town that we fell in love with at the base of Bear Bluff Mountain and place on the historical register because of the civil war fencing on the property. We have no immediate neighbors with no possibility of ever having any. We have the peace a quiet of country life but we are only 2 miles from the hospital and 4 miles from the town square. We build our dream home that we designed ourselves and had a Mennonite builder to construct it. There were 2 – 1853 excited large stone fireplaces from the original home and we built our home around those two fireplaces. They found matching rock to the fireplaces in a quarry 2 miles from the house.

    We, too, have a wide array of critter visitors that we observe from the front porch we had built across the whole front of the house. We also have bear in the area, but haven’t seen on here yet. However, we are going to a friends tomorrow because they have a momma black bear and two cubs that are coming by on a regular basis. Hubby and I love photography and love nothing better than sitting on the porch taking photos or before all the illness would travel to the national parks and other states to see more kinds of wildlife and beautiful landscapes to photograph.

    Can’t see us living any where else and pray that we never have to go through the moving process again. So all in all, this city girl had turned country gal 100%.

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