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Today’s questions is – What is the first book you remember reading?

And somehow I missed last weeks post (GASP!). I’m so sorry about that. We’re going through a merger at work, and that is taking all of my energy lately. I’ll just answer that question really quick – What is your favorite caffeinated drink? That’s an easy answer – coffee. I like it hot, cold, in a milkshake, whatever lol. But I also have a soft spot for Cherry Pepsi. So if you ever need to get on my good side – coffee and cherry pepsi will do it 🙂

Okay back to this week’s question.

I have so many fond memories of reading with my grandmother as a child. We would read stories together like Goodnight Moon, Velveteen Rabbit, Runaway Bunny, and more. But the book I remember reading first is called The Teeny Tiny Woman. This book is so fun to read with little kids, especially if you use voices. My grandma used to scare me at the end when she’d raise her voice. But I loved it!!

My love of reading stemmed from this very book. It’s true! I’m so thankful I had a grandmother who promoted reading, and bought me tons of books during my childhood. I wouldn’t be the reader I am today without her influence!

What what about you? What’s the first book you remember reading?

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