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Welcome to Wondering Wednesdays, a weekly post to learn more about me and other bloggers 🙂

Today’s questions is – Do you have a job outside of blogging?

Why yes, yes I do. Some of it I like, and some of it I don’t lol.

Let’s talk about the boring first. I’m a mortgage lender. I’ve been in the banking industry for 19 years, and kind of got pushed into this position years ago. Banking has changed, drastically over the years, and I have to say I don’t enjoy working here anymore. Pray for me – I am actively praying that God will open a door for me to leave. It’s very stressful, it’s not a Christian environment at all, and I go home every day angry and/or depressed. Yep, it’s time to get out.

Now we can talk about the fun.

I’m a virtual assistant for three people, and I love it. I’d actually love to do this full time but it’s a hard market to get into. There’s already some fabulous VA’s out there, and there is no way I can compete with them. So I just enjoy doing what I am doing. I love helping these authors during their time of need. Two of them are in the midst of editing right now, which is a very stressful time. If I can be even a little bit of help to them, then I’m all for it!

Also, I run an Etsy shop called Bakers Blessed Designs. I love making earrings. I do different designs with different material. Cork is my new love. Here are some examples:

I also just started a new feature on the stop – customizable bags for authors to use as swag!!

Author Swag / Customized Bag / Book Bag image 0

That has been such an exciting journey – trying different materials, sizes, etc…. I have some other ideas up my sleeve, but those will have to wait a bit 🙂

So there you have it. The busy, and the not so exciting lol.

What what about you? What do you do for work?

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