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Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite authors have books coming out all around the same time? That’s been my life the past several weeks, and slowly but surely I am catching up my on reviews for them. I am so pleased to be able to share my thoughts on Between Two Shores. It’s so hard to describe a book that you enjoyed so much. Honestly, sometimes it’s just the gushy feeling I get inside while I am reading it. It makes me feel warm, fuzzy, and totally peaceful. How can you put that into words? (I mean, I kinda just did, but you get what I mean) Like many other bloggers, I am just going to try my best!

About the Book

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The daughter of a Mohawk mother and French father in 1759 Montreal, Catherine Duval finds it is easier to remain neutral in a world that is tearing itself apart. Content to trade with both the French and the British, Catherine is pulled into the fray against her wishes when her British ex-
fiance, Samuel Crane, is taken prisoner by her father. Samuel asks her to help him escape, claiming he has information that could help end the war. 

Peace appeals to Catherine, but helping the man who broke her heart does not. She delays . . . until attempts on Samuel’s life convince her he’s in mortal danger. Against her better judgment she helps him flee by river, using knowledge of the landscape to creep ever closer to freedom. Their time together rekindles feelings she thought long buried, and danger seems to hound their every mile. She’s risked becoming a traitor by choosing a side, but will the decision cost her even more than she anticipated?

My Perspective

There are so many things I could say about this book, but the thing that stands out the most is way Green writes our heroine, Catherine. Torn between two worlds, Catherine is probably the strongest heroine I’ve read in quite awhile. She has overcome so much in her short life, and yet she doesn’t let any of that stop her from maturing and growing. Not even for a second. But what’s even more surprising is that she doesn’t need a man in her life. Would she like one? Well yeah, I’m sure most women would. But she doesn’t need one like most heroines seem to in books these days and I found that utterly refreshing. Yes, there is a love story here folks, but it’s different than any I’ve read. It’s not all starry eyes and allowing the man to pick you up and lead you. Catherine was still her own person, from start to finish. And quite honestly, the love story here is not what made the book so enjoyable. Catherine’s story was.

Green really had me hooked from the very beginning, but I became even more involved once I met Catherine’s father. I too, am the daughter of an alcoholic. I too, had to take care of my father in ways that no child should. Now granted, it was not always to the extent of Catherine, but it was still very difficult. Did it bring back some memories? Yes it did, and while they weren’t pleasant, I actually appreciated that the author was able to spark that in me. Obviously this won’t apply to every reader, but truth be told I enjoyed the story even more because of it. I knew in some scenes exactly how Catherine should feel and act, and Jocelyn Green nailed it.

This book is full of emotion and I highly recommend having a box of tissues nearby. You’re going to need them. Catherine embarks on a treacherous journey that will have readers reading page after page to come to the dynamic conclusion. Through it all, Green weaves a spiritual journey that will speak to hearts. This book is sure to be on favorites lists throughout the blogging community! I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Favorite Quote

But joy was never meant for that purpose. If we don’t know sorrow, joy holds no meaning at all.

About the Author

Jocelyn Green

Jocelyn Green is a former journalist who puts her investigative skills to work in writing both nonfiction and historical fiction to inspire faith and courage. 

The honors her books have received include the Christy Award in historical fiction, and gold medals from the Military Writers Society of America and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. 

Complex and nuanced characters, rich historical detail and twisting plots make her novels immersive experiences. Her fiction has been praised by Historical Novel Society, Romantic Times, Library Journal, historians specializing in her novels’ time periods, as well as popular and acclaimed authors Laura Frantz, Lori Benton, Jody Hedlund, Sarah Sundin, Joanne Bischof, Julie Lessman, and more.

Jocelyn loves Broadway musicals, the color red, strawberry-rhubarb pie, Mexican food, and well-done documentaries. She lives in Iowa with her husband, two children, and two cats she should have named Catticus Finch and Purrman Meowville. 

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  1. You are so right about the books all coming out at once. March seems busy, too. Then maybe a break til June? Can’t publishers space them out a bit? Or maybe we have too many favorites!
    I, too loved this book. Jocelyn writes so captivatingly.
    Thanks for your review.

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