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Hello my reader friends. Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is Bookish Resolutions!! I recently made a generic 2021 Goals post on Wondering Wednesday, so I’m going to keep this one to strictly bookish!

Read books that have already released. I have so many books I’ve gotten over the past few years that are just sitting on my shelf (real or kindle!), waiting to be read. Several reasons that every book blogger can come up with as to why they haven’t been read, but I’m determined to read at least some of them this year!

Participate in reading challenges. These are just fun. I’ve found a couple already that include reading a new genre, new author, classic, and more. It just sounds like it’ll make reading more fun, expand my reading choices, and give me something new to try!

Participate in instagram challenges. I sort of started this one this month, but the lighting in my house is horrible. I ordered a light from Amazon, and it was basically junk lol. So I need to research a better one before I can move on too much with this. But they are fun and I love the daily prompts!

Record more book quotes. I love seeing book quotes on goodreads (even though I still haven’t figured out how to create one lol – please help!), and social media. I need to start marking books again, and make my own pics!

Make earrings to match my reads. I’m an earring maker on the side, and I have some tricks up my sleeves, I just need time to do it. So my goal is to make earrings based on books I am reading. It could be a word, print, design, or whatever. I’m excited to try this and see how it goes. I figure it’s a creative way to get the word out about books (like when someone at the grocery store comments on my earrings and I can tell them what book they are based on!). What do you think about this?

Storygraph. I saw a friend post about this on Instagram and I took a peek at it. It’s basically like Goodreads, but with more! I know we don’t need extra places to post reviews, trust me when I say that’s the last thing I want. BUT the thing I like about this app, is that it has so many more features than Goodreads. My favorite is that you can put possible content warnings associated with a book and they stand out. I think Goodreads is lacking in this way, so I was immediately drawn in. As a reader who only reads clean of Christian reads (with a few exceptions), this is very important to me.

Study my bible more. Okay, this is not your traditional bookish goal, but the bible is a book, and I want to learn more about it!! Instead of just reading the bible through this year, I’m going to concentrate on bible studies all year. I’ve started with a study on the end times by David Jeremiah. It’s very interesting!

Try something new. I love seeing people post book videos on YouTube, or have podcasts about books, or even just post videos on Instagram. I am extremely self conscious about my appearance, and my voice, but even so I want to branch out. I want to try something new. I haven’t decided exactly what that is yet, but I have a few ideas brewing inside that little brain of mine! If you have something you’d like to see me do, please comment below! I think it’s important to try new things. And if they don’t work out, well that’s absolutely fine! At least I was willing to put myself out there 🙂

Not review a book a two. Now I know this sounds weird, but I encourage you to try it sometime. Not often, because I totally want to support authors and their books. But over Christmas break I read a book that I knew I wasn’t going to review. It’s part of a series that I get a book for every Christmas, and I love it. Part of that love is being able to just read it and try not to analyze it as I’m reading it, or think about things I love/hate while I’m reading. I just get to read, for fun, with no strings attached. Again, I don’t want to do this often, and especially with a new release. BUT I do want to do it more than I have in the past. Don’t hate me!

Start writing. So I’m going to share a deep dark secret with you. I’ve always thought it would be totally awesome to be the author of a kids book. And by kid, I’m talking like 6 and younger. I know that probably sounds weird to most. I’d love to have the ability to pen a full length novel, or even novella, but that’s just not me. But ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with kids books. When I used to visit my friend in high school, I would sit there and read her little brother’s kid books just for fun. I love them. They are so creative, fun, whimsical, and right up my alley. And while I have absolutely no drawing abilities whatsoever, I still want to try. I want to put some fun stories to paper, put them out there and see what happens. So……if you are a publisher reading this (wink, wink)……help a girl out! LOL. Just kidding. Maybe.

What about you? Do you have any bookish goals for this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Resolutions

  1. Great list.
    I want to whittle my TBR pile, especially those kindle books. And my physical books I’ve had for a while, single books I’m not going to keep but pass on to friends.
    Add to some series where I’m missing books. Or favorite author’s books that I’m missing.
    I love challenges, too.
    Happy Reading!

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