Wondering Wednesdays – A book worthy of reading again

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Today’s questions is – What book would you like to read again as if you’d never read it before?

This is such a hard question for me. There are a million books I would read again, just because I like to read. But a book I would have the opportunity to read again as if I had never read it before? That’s a tough one.

For sure the category for me would be suspense, and here’s why. When you already know what’s going to happen, or whodunnit, it’s not quite the same when you read it. Sure it’s still fun, but in the back of your mind you already know. So I would have to say that it would definitely be a suspense category. But which book? I mean I could go Natalie Walters, Dani Pettrey, Rachel Dylan. AAHHHHHH. Why are the questions so hard!?

Okay, here’s my final answer. Pretty much any book by Jaime Jo Wright. Why? Well because I adore them. They are so fun to read, and to try and figure out all the little things about the characters, the “ghostly” things, and just how the past and present are going to collide – it’s so fun for me. I get so engrossed in her stories. I just want to put everything aside, and concentrate on what I’m reading. And don’t interrupt me either, because it will not be pretty lol! So, if I had a chance to read her books again, like I had never read them before, oh yes would I take the opportunity to do that!!!

So what about you? Is there a book out there that you would like to read as if you had never read it before? Share in the comments!

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