Wondering Wednesdays – Kid Readers?

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Today’s questions is – Do your children like to read as well?

Well let me start by telling you about my kiddo…..

She’s not technically a child anymore. She’s 18 as of October. I love reminding her that it’s time for her to do that thing she loves best – adulting. Lol. She went with my husband and I to vote, and was happy to be able to participate as a voter in such a unique election. She takes college classes remotely, and works three afternoons a week at a local daycare (run by a Christian friend). She’s a good kid who loves the Lord, and has dreams of having a family.

But that doesn’t answer your question. Sorry. What mom doesn’t want to talk about their fantastic kid?

The simple answer is YES!!! Thank the good Lord I have a kid who enjoys reading. Caitlin actually came with me to the last CFRR, and had a blast. We may not always see eye to eye on reading genres, but I have a feeling as she grows older, that may change. For now, I am just blessed to have a daughter that I can share my love of reading with.

Now if I could only get her to love Hallmark movies and Christmas as much as me……….

What about you? Do you have children in your family who read!?

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