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Today’s questions is – What did you think life would be like once you graduated high school, and how is it the same or different today?

First of all, I am sorry this post is so late. My week got messed up with a family thing – long story – and I didn’t even realize today was Wednesday. Can you forgive me both readers and fellow Wondering Wednesday hosts?

And now I’ll attempt to answer this difficult question! The timing is impeccable – my daughter is graduating high school this weekend! We are so darn proud of her. 🙂

But to the question. I had big dreams when I graduated high school. I wanted to live in a nice house, marry a nice guy, and have at least three to five children. I wanted to be a teacher in the worst way because I absolutely love being around children. I did not want to live in the town I grew up in, and figured meeting some guy at college would allow me the freedom to move away.

Now, is that my life today? I mean, not even close! I only have one child, I am not a teacher, I never moved away, and I don’t live in a nice house. How about that for goals that were met! Let me explain just a touch…..

First, I did marry a nice guy. I started dating him my first semester of college – but guess where he was from? My home town. In fact, I graduated with his younger sister, which is how we knew each other. Since I was attending college over three hours away, I ended up quitting college so I could be closer to him. I should have enrolled in a local college, but I didn’t. And here I am. I do have a master’s degree in education, but I actually got it well into our marriage, and even after Caitlin was born. I did it entirely online. Unfortunately it was also the time that Patrick got sick, was no longer able to work, and therefore I couldn’t take time off to student-teach, which is a requirement before you take your test to become a teacher in NY State. It’s okay though – I learned ALOT while in college, and it helps me on Wednesday nights with my church kids.

As for kids, well I always wanted a big family. But God had other plans in that area. We got pregnant with Caitlin within about four months of trying. We truly are blessed. But then, never got pregnant again. Went through so much testing, fertility drugs, and still nothing. Insurance didn’t cover in vitro, and so that was completely out of the question. It is still hard for me to see babies to this day. And trust me when I say that I know I should feel blessed because I at least have one. And I am. 100%. But when you have a heart for having a large family, it is not easy to mourn the fact that you will never have another child. But now that Caitlin is older, I can honestly say I am looking forward to when she can have lots of babies. For the record, she wants five.

As for our house, well I’ll just say it’s a roof over our head and I am thankful for that. It needs tons of work, I cannot stand the layout, but it’s within our budget. Housing prices around where we live are horrendous compared to the wages offered. That being said, I adore our land. We have about 3 acres, and it’s back away from the road. Private with woods, and TONS of animals. Birds, bunnies, squirrels, deer, woodchucks, bob cats, foxes, wolves, coyotes, and even bears! Snakes too, but I hate them lol. One year we had a deer that was not scared of humans – he would eat out of our hands and follow us around. We called him Fred. But the wildlife, the lawn, the privacy – this is why I could never live in a city. No thank you!

So that’s it in a nutshell. I always tell my daughter to dream big. Just because my dreams didn’t come true, doesn’t mean hers won’t. And honestly, I love her dreams – marry a Christian guy, maybe run a daycare for awhile, home school her five plus children, and have a farm. Sounds amazing to me!

So what about you? What dreams did you have when you graduated, and how has God redirected your life? Share in the comments!

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